colorcube writes

It would be very nice if (optionally) album art can be displayed in the lists. A tile view with bigger images would be nice too.

I guess it slows down display so it might be needed to cache the images or load the files asynchronous.

Pastim writes

I wouldn’t want this, so if supported I’d ask that it be optional.

medoc92 writes

Apart from the performance issue (which can be solved), I’m not too keen on the idea in list view because this is going to waste a lot of vertical space. Bubble can do this on a tablet because crowded lines would make for a difficult touch interface anyway, but this limits the visible list to 5-10 titles (on my Nexus 7). upplay could display around 30 entries in an equivalent space.

A tile view would sometimes make sense (for example when displaying all the albums for a given artist). I’m not too sure how to do this in HTML so that it behaves properly with window resizes. Needs a bit of HTML experimentation first. Any ideas ?

colorcube writes

It seems people are interested to see those things optional and I agree. But making it optional is the smaller amount of work right?

I had a look in the code and it is interesting that the list is made with a html view. Building a tile view that adapts to the window width is not that hard. I’m willing to experiment with it in the next days.

colorcube writes

I have a prototype running which shows album art. I like it ;-) It seems the image files will be loaded every time again. I guess it’s possible to enable caching for the web view?

medoc92 writes

Not too sure about the caching, I’d have to look at the qt webkit doc.

How do you load the images ?

The content directory browser is a bit of a mess currently, it’s a proof of concept turned app. We’d need much better separation between the presentation, the data, and the c++ code. I’m not too sure how to do this though.