arthurlutz writes

When launching upplay (installed via ubuntu PPA) I can only see my kodi instance as a renderer, not my NP1100 upnp device (seen by upnp-inspector). Any chance of being able to control that device too ? Is is a bug ? I can supply the list of primitives supported by that device if needed.

medoc92 writes

One thing to try would be to to start upplay as follows:

UPPLAY_LOGLEVEL=6 upplay 2 > /tmp/trace

Then please attach the trace. Possibly scan it for privacy issues, but there shouldn’t be much beyond IP addresses. You can also send it by email: jf at dockes dot org.

If I can see nothing in there, yes, we can have a try with a list of primitives, or dumps from upnp-inspector.

It might be an upplay or libupnpp issue, it does not make much difference where the issue is attached :)

Cheers, jf

medoc92 writes

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