marc-aurel writes

first thanks, a lovely program to control UPnP devices via Windows!

Unfortunately when I start the program (under Windows 10 32bit) there is no title bar. The menu is directly shown in the upper left corner of my screen. So I can’t move, resize or minimize the window. Full screen works but then I have to use keyboard shortcuts to get back to my normal desktop.

medoc92 writes

Thanks for reporting this. As mentionned on the download page, the Windows version is still very much an experiment, but I do want to make it work.

I need to install a Windows 10 machine for testing, and also probably to port Upplay to Qt 5.4 or later, because official Windows 10 support apparently came with Qt 5.4.1.

This means that I will probably need to use the new Webengine HTML renderer, which will need some adaptations in Upplay.

All this will take some time, but, again, thanks very much for testing and reporting, I hope that I can make this application more useful in the future.



finvarg writes

Hi, i have nearly same problem on Win 7 64 bit. A fixed window without title bar on left top screen corner. If i resize it, i got a normal draggable window. Next start is OK.

Thank your for very interesting app! It’s my favorite Windows upnp controller!

medoc92 writes

Hi, Windows development is stopped at the moment, because my free Visual Studio 2013 license expired , I guess that there is only free VS 2015 now, which Qt does not support yet. As soon as VS 2015 Qt arrives, I’ll resume working on this.

medoc92 writes

This is in the new windows binaries (qt5.5 + MinGW) on the web site.