medoc92 writes

Initially reported in issue #95

GourouLubrik writes

I’ve 3 playlists in my google music,, but none of them show their content in the upmpcli mediaserver.

this log is the result of selecting the library/playlist and then selecting a playlist in my upnp browser. I’ve tested with two different upnp browser (foobar2000 and bubbleupnp) with the same log results.

I tried to make a playlist public to see if it could help. but it did not.

:4:src/mediaserver/contentdirectory.cxx:288::ContentDirectory::actBrowse:  ObjectID 0$gmusic$/user_playlists BrowseFlag BrowseDirectChildren Filter * StartingIndex 0 RequestedCount 1000 SortCriteria
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:425::ContentCache::get: not found gmusic:0$gmusic$/user_playlists
:4:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/cmdtalk-fixed.cpp:109::CmdTalk: Got empty line
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:292::PlgWithSlave::results: got 3 entries
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:431::ContentCache::set: gmusic:0$gmusic$/user_playlists
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:361::searchCacheEntryToResult: filter  start 0 cnt 1000 res.size 3
:4:libupnpp/device/device.cxx:318::UPNP_CONTROL_ACTION_REQUEST: Browse. Params: <?xml version="1.0"? >
<u:Browse xmlns:u="urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ContentDirectory:1" >
<ObjectID >0$gmusic$/playlist/c7d93559-d26d-461b-8018-6ab273b5c0c3</ObjectID >
<BrowseFlag >BrowseDirectChildren</BrowseFlag >
<Filter >*</Filter >
<StartingIndex >0</StartingIndex >
<RequestedCount >1000</RequestedCount >
<SortCriteria ></SortCriteria >
</u:Browse >

:4:src/mediaserver/contentdirectory.cxx:288::ContentDirectory::actBrowse:  ObjectID 0$gmusic$/playlist/c7d93559-d26d-461b-8018-6ab273b5c0c3 BrowseFlag BrowseDirectChildren Filter * StartingIndex 0 RequestedCount 1000 SortCriteria
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:425::ContentCache::get: not found gmusic:0$gmusic$/playlist/c7d93559-d26d-461b-8018-6ab273b5c0c3
:4:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/cmdtalk-fixed.cpp:109::CmdTalk: Got empty line
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:292::PlgWithSlave::results: got 0 entries
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:431::ContentCache::set: gmusic:0$gmusic$/playlist/c7d93559-d26d-461b-8018-6ab273b5c0c3
:5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:361::searchCacheEntryToResult: filter  start 0 cnt 1000 res.size 0

medoc92 writes

Thanks for the trace. Unfortunately we are missing the potentially interesting part, which is the python module output (which goes to stderr). If you are on a systemd-based system, you can see it with journalctl -u upmpdcli -f (the -f is like tail -f). If not, you need to stop upmpdcli and re-start it in a console window.

Also, is there a way to share playlists (I’m really a gmusic noob) ? I could try with one of yours.

GourouLubrik writes

Tried the systemctl, and as I’m a dev believing in voodoo magic, launching command line with redirecting stderr to stdout ( 2 >1 ). But it appears to be no "real" error.

I could capture network traffic, but I guess it’s waste of time as it’s probably all encrypted into https. is it possible to increase verbosity in so we can see what each request raw results ?

I can share the playlists making them public playlist, but I guess it’s no use if you don’t have an account ? Also, upmpdcli won’t access to another user shared playlist ?

medoc92 writes

It would rather be 2 >&1 to redirect :) Can I have a look at the log anyway. You can email it to me at

I do have an account currently, for a few weeks, I had to renew my subscription for solving another issue, so, yes, if you can point me to the lists, it will help (I have no idea how to find a list by the way. Maybe search by it’s name? Make it original :) )

medoc92 writes

Feel free to reopen when you can give me some feedback. At this point, I can’t reproduce the issue, so I can’t fix it.