GourouLubrik writes

I’ve two installation of upmpdcli on two different plateform (armbian for cubietruck / ubuntu 16.04.2) that have that bug.

Here’s the relevant log trace of my ubuntu, installed through the PPA, along with upmpdcli-gmusic and upmpdcli-qobuz packages.

> 4:src/mediaserver/contentdirectory.cxx:288::ContentDirectory::actBrowse:  ObjectID 0$gmusic$ BrowseFlag BrowseDirectChildren Filter * StartingIndex 0 RequestedCount 1000 SortCriteria
> :4:src/mediaserver/contentdirectory.cxx:55::ContentDirectory::pluginFactory: for gmusic
> :4:src/mediaserver/contentdirectory.cxx:69::ContentDirectory: host port 49152
> :4:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:199::PlgWithSlave: starting httpd on port 49149
> :4:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/cmdtalk-fixed.cpp:62::CmdTalk::startCmd
> :4:src/execmd-fixed.cpp:454::ExecCmd::startExec: (1|1) /usr/share/upmpdcli/cdplugins/gmusic/gmusic-app.py
> :5:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:425::ContentCache::get: not found gmusic:0$gmusic$
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/share/upmpdcli/cdplugins/gmusic/gmusic-app.py", line 38, in <module >
>     from session import Session
>   File "/usr/share/upmpdcli/cdplugins/gmusic/session.py", line 25, in <module >
>     from gmusicapi import Mobileclient
> ImportError: No module named gmusicapi
> :4:src/execmd-fixed.cpp:901::ExecCmd::getline: got 0
> :2:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/cmdtalk-fixed.cpp:101::CmdTalk: getline error
> :4:src/execmd-fixed.cpp:274::ExecCmd: killpg(33883, SIGTERM)
> :2:src/mediaserver/cdplugins/plgwithslave.cxx:489::PlgWithSlave::browse: slave failure

I really love the "new" fonctionnality of mediaserver. And I hope that can be fixed. Many thanks for your excellent work.

medoc92 writes

You need to install gmusicapi, it’s not in the repos, so it can’t be an automatic dependancy.

sudo pip install gmusicapi

should do it (pip itself is in the repos if it’s not already installed).

GourouLubrik writes

I feel very bad about opening a non-existing bug. I’ve badly read the docs. 👎

Now it’s working (at least on ubuntu, my armbian pip doesn’t work)

I’ve now have a bug in the google music upnp tree, I can see the playlist, their name, but they’re empty.

Where is the donate button ? I can’t find it (even with a google search)

medoc92 writes

No problem about missing the gmusicapi dep, nobody reads the docs :)

You should be able to install gmusicapi by building it locally, without using pip., https://github.com/simon-weber/gmusicapi.git

python setup.py build
sudo python setup.py install

I don’t seem to have a problem with playlists. I am not a big gmusic user though, I just have a test one. Could you point me to a playlist you have trouble with ?

About donations: really, don’t feel obliged. But I do have a donations page: https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/donations/index.html It’s difficult to find because it’s mainly targeted at MS Windows users (rationale: I hate Windows development), with whom I have little success anyway :)

medoc92 writes


I am opening another issue for the playlist thing. Will be clearer. Please comment there.