dahumph writes

Hello Medoc92, it’s me again… ;) after testing streaming with the qobuz plugin, I can say streaming works like a charms, its fast and premium audio quality, running upmpdcli on Volumio 2. As I saw on your website, you are waiting for indications of interest and comments to try and improve the features. well, here we go!

the biggest issue is the search feature, what makes the plugin hardly usable for me right now. I’m not sure if its only me having this problem, but I dont think so.

I searched for the term "Metallica" and the outcome is a list of 14 tracks in total, some related to metallica, some are justin bieber…

as I could see in the py script, I would expect search topics like Tracks, Albums, Artists, Playlists…

but it only shows Tracks.

attached is the output of sudo /usr/bin/upmpdcli -c /etc/upmpdcli.conf [output.txt](https://github.com/medoc92/upmpdcli/files/600533/output.txt)

thanks again!

medoc92 writes

Yes, search is not working right. I’ll give it another try. What makes things complicated is that the different control points issue different kinds of UPnP searches, which I have to parse (sort of), and then map to Qobuz searches, and the fit is not easy. What CP are you using ?

dahumph writes

I used Linn Kazoo on iOS

medoc92 writes

I have uploaded a new version which should vastly improve the search (not perfect yet, but making progress hopefully).

serverbaboon writes

This is a lot better, possible to find things now. Also the Bubble CP function to find albums by the currently playing artist now works as well.

Noted that you are now passing back the album in the meta data which is is good for the control point.

Adding something from your album favourites in Qobuz also is now added as an album and not several individual tracks which it was before.

dahumph writes

Same here, big improvement! Thanks!