joerg-krause writes

Looks like the distros install the header files in different directories. Ubuntu installs them in /usr/include/jsoncpp/json/ by passing -DINCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/include/jsoncpp to CMake whereas Arch Linux installs them /usr/include/json/ without passing INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR to CMake.

I would suggest to use pkg-config which should work in both cases.

medoc92 writes

are you sure that you have up to date source ? This is weird, because this was already found out and the current has a check for the include files in both places:


AC_CHECK_HEADERS(json/json.h jsoncpp/json/json.h)
LIBS="$LIBS -ljsoncpp"
    #include <jsoncpp/json/json.h >
    #include <json/json.h >
    #endif]], [Json::Features dummy])],
    [AC_MSG_ERROR([libjsoncpp not found.])])

joerg-krause writes

That’s it! Had not applied aba96db0cfe8a2e5c825f4448c0ad184e21b50e1 to version 1.2.2.