parkmino writes

Hi, I updated Ubuntu 16.04 ppa and upmpdcli & upplay does not start with symbol lookup error message as follows. "upmpdcli: symbol lookup error: upmpdcli: undefined symbol: _ZN10UPnPClient13UPnPDirObject7nullstrB5cxx11E" "upplay: symbol lookup error: upplay: undefined symbol: _ZN10UPnPClient13UPnPDirObject7nullstrB5cxx11E"

joerg-krause writes

Did you updated libupnpp as well?

parkmino writes

libupnpp3 0.15.0-1 version installed, the same as the repository.

medoc92 writes

It seems that a part of the update went wrong, I just re-checked the packages from the PPA, and they seem to run well.

Is your system using a 32 or 64 bits installation (uname -a) ?

I’d first try to reinstall, making sure I get fresh packages:

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get install --reinstall upmpdcli upplay libupnpp3

If this does not change anything, can you please try to run:

ldd /usr/bin/upmpdcli

and post the output.

parkmino writes

Thanks for your advice and resolved!

libupnppp3 couldn’t be reinstalled on my 64bit Ubuntu 16.04. Now that all the packages has been deleted and reinstalled through synaptic, it works fine. I tried manual installation yesterday and it seems to have caused this issue. No problem on PPA as you pointed out.