espakman writes

Hi, I try to compile the latest upmpdcli git code but there are some symbolic links in git. For example: src/cdplugins/cmdtalk.cpp and .h and the files in pycommon/ are symlinks instead of real files.


medoc92 writes

Sorry about this, I just fixed it. I am implementing support for playing music from Tidal, and the code may be less stable than desirable, I’m mostly using github as a backup server…

If you have a tidal account, and feel adventurous, I’d be interested by your feedback. You need to add something like the following to /etc/upmpdcli.conf:

tidaluser = mytidallogin
tidalpass = mytidalpassword
tidalquality = high

I have only tested quality high and low for now, not lossless, which probably does not work for the moment.

After restarting upmpdcli, you should see a new media server on the network (name based on the one from the upmpdcli renderer). You should be able to use it and add tracks to the playlist.

Search is not implemented yet and favourite artists does not work for some reason.

Also, make install does not install the Tidal code, you need to create /usr/share/upmpdcli/cdplugins, and create links in it, similar to: ls -l /usr/share/upmpdcli/cdplugins/ lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 60 août 21 09:58 pycommon - > /path/to/upmpdcli/src/cdplugins/pycommon lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 57 août 21 09:58 tidal - > /path/to/upmpdcli/src/cdplugins/tidal

(Or copies, of course, I’m using links to make it easier to change stuff).