joerg-krause writes

Add a new option onplay for running commands or shell scripts when MPD playback is about to begin. Together with onstop these options can be used to run some actions depending on the state of MPD. On the other hand, the option onstart can be used to run some actions immediately after a "play" user action is received, e.g. a "Play" button press in upplay.

The usual order of the run scripts is: 1) onstart: upmpdcli receives an "Play" action and calls MPD to play the source 2) onplay: MPD playback is about to begin 3) onstop: MPD playback is about to end

Note that the onstart and onstop actions are also executed if upmpdcli is running and MPD is controlled by another tool, e.g. mpc.

Note that onstop is executed if a "stop" action is received and if a song or playlist ends.

joerg-krause writes

Many thanks for merging!

medoc92 writes

J�rg Krause writes:

> Many thanks for merging!

Thanks for the improvements !