kappa8086 writes

Since version 1.1.4 (probably), some bad implemented DMC apps have been failed to push media to upmpdcli, as I have seen this change in changelog:

Add content format compatibility checking. Can be disabled by setting checkcontentformat to 0

but even I set the config as described, it still denies to play some media those URL directly from internet, while upmpdcli log shows

src/upmpd.cxx:132::checkContentFormat: didl parse failed
src/avtransport.cxx:393::set(Next)AVTransportURI: unsupported format: xxx ...

Apparently metadata is wrong or missing for these files.

On the other hand, these days I’m trying to write a DMC script with python, similar code like you can search that leaves CurrentURIMetaData tag empty, failed again with upmpdcli. Thus, as far as I can see, metadata is ignored in a lot of simple solutions, but newer upmpdcli is not compatible for them.

Is it a BUG or a designed-to-be?

medoc92 writes

It will hopefully soon make its way in a released version…

kappa8086 writes

Well updated, thx :)