Filtering out Zip archive members

The rclzip Zip archive extraction input handler does not use the general configuration variables which define what file system objects should be skipped, but it has an equivalent internal function.

The name-skipping code depends on a recent member of the the Recoll Python package. This will become standard for release 1.20, but for earlier releases, you need to do two things to use this function:

  • Fetch python/recoll/recoll/ and filters/rclzip from the source repository.

  • Copy both to /usr/share/recoll/filters and make rclzip executable.

You can then set a variable named zipSkippedNames inside recoll.conf. zipSkippedNames should be a space-separated list of patterns which will be passed to the Python fnmatch() function. The / characters are not special (matched as any character).

You can’t use embedded spaces in patterns (no double-quote quoting for now)

This can be redefined for file system directories using the usual section indicators (Zip archives in different file-system directories can have different skip lists).


zipSkippedNames = *.txt
zipSkippedNames = somedir/*/*.html