Upplay: what's this

upplay is a Qt-based UPnP audio Control Point for Unix/Linux graphical desktops. The main reason for its existence is that I know of no other, and that I was tired of starting a VM or using a tablet to test Upmpdcli.

upplay does not play music, it controls a Media Renderer which may be running on the same host or anywhere else.

upplay was started with code from the Sayonara local player, which saved me a lot of time. It has much less functionality than sayonara, and there is not much in common between them, except for quite many lines of user interface code. Yes I need to change the logo. Very Soon Now.


upplay is open-source, free and licensed under the GPL. It is written in C++ and depends on the libupnpp library (C++ layer for libupnp, distributed with upmpdcli), the Qt library, the libupnp (1.6) library. As it does not depend on a myriad of packages, or a special environment, it is reasonably simple to install.


No playlist management, and basically nothing else. Also, as I've not finished trimming the Sayonara code, I'm sure that you will surprise yourself by clicking on some buttons :)

What's the point ? upplay is certainly no match for fancy tablet control points or more sophisticated applications like Kinsky. However, if you are using a Unix desktop, it can be useful to avoid having to fetch a tablet or start a VM.


There is a short doc here.

Known problems

Given the youth and lack of testing of the application, there are quite certainly many problems, but they are not known yet, I trust that you'll find and report them so that I do the fixing.


Version 0.1.0 gets a web site !


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